Sunday, December 01, 2013

When people poke their nose in other's life

Some people cannot digest the fact that others are happier than them. They poke and intrude in other’s matters which are none of their business anyway. They are outspoken, rude and cannot tolerate that others can’t seem to tolerate them either. They have successfully proved Newton’s third law of motion. For their every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction from others. When they show their love and sympathy towards any unsuspecting human being, the other person gets irritated or embarrassed and tends to run away in opposite direction.  

During office hours, there are many sweet souls who don’t think that a girl and a boy can be just good friends. No way. Not at all. It’s not possible, is it? There has to be a love affair for sure. Eating lunch together in a group in food courts is considered a love affair. Walking on a floor is seen with narrowed eyes. If a girl and a boy are talking and cracking jokes in a cubicle, then it’s considered a love affair. When 3 girls and 5 boys go out in a group to movies on weekends, the very next day people start digging up for more information and linking up a girl with a boy. Gossips and rumors do the rounds. Some ask embarrassing questions as if the other person’s privacy does not matter.

Parents don’t have any problems if their daughter is working in a company that has men working too in there. Love birds don’t seem to find any problems if their partners talk and eat in a group that have humans from the opposite gender. But there are some curious people around us who want to know A-B-C of everything going on in the lives of human beings around them. These people have been certified by God and given a degree on mastering the art of making life hell for others.  

I wouldn’t have been writing on this topic, had it not been for one of our male colleagues approaching my friends circle regarding this. He claimed that some people taunted him for hanging out with us a lot lately. Some asked him openly whether he has fallen in love. When he denied, people were not satisfied. They demanded him to hand over his mobile so that they can check his messages. Cornered by them lot, he had no option but to hand over his cell phone. They checked and got highly disappointed. He was a lot embarrassed that day. He couldn’t concentrate further in work. The humiliation rang out in his ears all day. He felt that much terribly insulted.

No one would have dared to ask me for my mobile. I don’t allow useless jerks to take the remote control of my life. If anybody tries to disrespect or humiliate my parents or my friends, then hell. I don’t remain a silent spectator anymore. I love facing such monsters. Life would be so dull without them. The reason I have learned to speak up is because of them. The whole credit of my toughness goes out to them. 

If a girl simply looks in the eye of a boy and talks, is that love at first sight? What is that girl supposed to do anyway? Look at walls instead and then talk to another human being? 

We cannot change the mindsets of narrow-minded literates. If somebody has fallen in love seriously, others get a hot topic to talk on for the rest of their lives. If somebody has not fallen in love, others cannot seem to digest this fact either. 

Just because their own lives have lots of problems, some people’s only solace left is to create embarrassing situations for others. When they are not at peace with themselves, they don’t let others live in peace either. Instead of bowing down to this lot, one must take a stand and fight. It should be made clear that one is not someone to be messed up with. If one is too soft, people tend to take his/her advantage. There is a phrase in English dictionary that says ‘enough is enough’. One must learn to say no at some point of time. For the record, next time if anyone irritates you for no reason at all or simply makes fun of you because you were seen talking to that girl/boy, shut their mouths then and there only. And then see if they dare to cross your path next time.

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  1. This is so true! Even in my office (I guess, in everyone's office) the kind of people who would link up anyone and everyone! It's so annoying. Why can't they just mind their own business?!