Monday, December 02, 2013

India's Comedy at its best!!

If there is one person on Earth who can make a person standing in a funeral to laugh out loud suddenly, it is Raju Srivastav. He is an Indian comedian who shot to fame after featuring as one of the stand-up comedians in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. It was a talent show for which families hurriedly ate their dinners and then switched on their televisions to laugh uncontrollably. Raju hails from a rural area in Uttar Pradesh and his jokes mainly centered on issues surrounding middle class people. Viewers laughed because they could relate to it. Audience enjoyed because finally someone was talking and making sense of problems faced by them every day. Gajodhar Bhaiya didn’t leave any favourite topic of the common man untouched. From Titanic to Amitabh Bachchan, slum-dwellers-converting-railway-tracks-into-toilets to cricketers, marriage hues to Bollywood, he touched every subject. He poked fun and cracked jokes on differences between socialites and middle class. He did convincing mimicry of famous personalities that left viewers shaking their heads in disbelief. Listening to his comedy made one forget about their worries for some time. After all, laughter is the best medicine. He provided this medicine daily to every Indian who watched him on stage. 

Time passed and the show came to an end. He appeared on other shows like news channels for some time. He featured in few episodes but not on a regular basis.  It was hard to keep track of when and where he would appear next. The only thing left to do was downloading his videos from YouTube. I have 5 hours non-stop comedy by Raju save on my desktop back at home. If I feel low or bored, I start watching his comedy and forget everything else. Currently, he is participating with his wife as one of the dancing couples in Nach Baliye. Some time in between, he gets into his old shoes and cracks jokes while demanding votes from viewers. Once upon a time, I thought that no one will be able to take his place. We are hungry for some humour and laughter daily in our lives. And I thought there is no second person in India to provide that kind of entertainment. How wrong I was!

On weekends since last few weeks, I eagerly look forward to Comedy Nights with Kapil.  There is something about Kapil Sharma that makes me expect more and more from him in every episode. I like the way he delivers, his spot-on comedy, his readiness to poke relevant fun at anybody any time. He does theatrical skits and invites Bollywood for promoting their upcoming movies. Another talent is his art of delivering comedy without any scripting. Doing somebody’s mockery and making the targeted person laugh in return isn’t easy. But when he pokes fun at audience or celebrities, nobody minds. He makes fun of even himself. He doesn't leave out anyone. When he invites audience to ask questions, he waits patiently, hears them out and then crack jokes that will make the person who asked questions to laugh unexpectedly at their own asked questions! Now, how many possess that kind of talent? His show is spiced up with witty one-liners by Navjot Singh Sidhu, who seems to have had enough with politics and wants to enter into Limca Book of Records for highest number of laughs by an Indian. 

He speaks honestly and his comedy centers around recent events in the country that have been in news. His show is something that can be seen with family members. There are no embarrassing scenes or  non-veg jokes uttered. In an interview conducted by The Indian Express, he mentioned about his time spent in Hindu college, Amritsar. According to him, “Only two celebrities have come out of that college — our dear Prime Minister and I. One, who talks a lot and the other who doesn’t say a word.”

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  1. khudi ko kar buland itna chadha who jaise taise ... use dekh khuda ne khud pucha abe ab utrega kaise...
    Pratham Adhyaya arambh karela hun... sita maiya baitheli thi... kans aaya bola mata bhuk lageli hai...
    Oh oh oh oh ... whenever I feel sad I watch Raju Srivastava's bhai log ka pravachan... :) :) :) :)