Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year Resolutions!

Bye bye 2013. Welcome 2014! The countdown has begun. People are finally waking up out of their dull, boring lives to gear up for making some New Year resolutions. I have already joined the queue.

It was the year ending of 2008 when for the first time in my life I seriously started making a resolution. I had looked at myself in the mirror and finally accepted the fact that I was getting fat. Those extra kilos were clearly visible. All those years of eating cheese, butter, ghee, sweets and chocolates was being clearly getting reflected. At that very moment, I decided to apply brakes on my unhealthy diet. I started working on my fitness. I started walking in a park every morning. I cut down on fast food and high calories. All my favourite food-items had previously consisted of ghee and cheese. Something that was very mouth-watering but too dangerous for health. I started eating those in a very less quantity. Quite negligible amount. It was very heart-breaking but I had no choice. I made faces but started relying on cucumber and carrots. I ate rotis without ghee. Vegetables cooked in less oil. Fruits and salads 2 times a day. Yuk! Something I detest to this date. But the most untastiest things on Earth are nearly always healthy. The effects started showing on my body in the next year. My friends in second year of B. Tech would stare at me and exclaim, “What are you doing? Are you taking any dietary pills?”   

After the successful implementation of my first resolution, I got more confident while making the next one in my third year of engineering- switching on the television at 5am, browsing through channels, stopping at Aastha and coming face to face with Baba Ramdev. I wowed to do yoga every day. I started obediently like a good student. When he said inhale deeply, I did it. I would hold all oxygen inside my body till my stomach got pulled inside.  Then I would wait for his next command. When he said exhale out, I would do, fearing sometimes that my lungs might come out by accident. I couldn’t recover fully from this sensation when he would command the next yoga posture. I could do nearly every yoga steps which he ordered, except the one where his legs would be up in the air and head down on the ground. Sometimes I would cheat and sleep on my yoga mat. Baba Ramdev would thunder, “Subah jaldi ootho. Besharmo ki tarah sona mat. (Get up early in the morning. Don’t sleep like a shameless.)” I would get up immediately. I wanted to prove that I am not a besharam. But after 2 months of firm determination, my laziness took over and I discontinued doing yoga further. From that day onwards, I am afraid of the thought of meeting Baba Ramdev.  

When 2012 was about to end, I was at Mysore DC in Infosys as a trainee. Reading novels was very unheard of in the campus. Where is the time? People would ask. There wasn’t enough time to even prepare for tests that used to happen nearly every week. Forget about novels and television. Even on weekends, I was in front of computers. But I made a resolution. I will not let go of my reading habit even during the tough training days. When I had successfully completed nearly 7 months long training period and got posted to Chandigarh, by then I had finished reading ‘The Last song’ and ‘Nights at Rodanthe’ by Nicholas Sparks, ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, ’The Secret of the Nagas’ and ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ by Amish Tripathi, ‘Human Bondage’ by W. Somerset Maugham, ‘Shobhaa At Sixty: Secrets of Getting it Right at any Age’ by Shobhaa De, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown and ‘The Guide’ by R.K. Narayan. I re-read Harry Potter books that I had carried with myself from home. I also read technical slides and sometimes fictional e-books in GEC. :)

This year I have made a new resolution. Something in which if I succeed, my mother would be very proud of me. And I would be proud of myself. My goal is very clear. Planning has been done. I have started to tread on it slowly and carefully with as much concentration and hard work that I can muster. Just the final implementation is remaining which would be some time in the middle of next year. Fingers crossed! Hope this time too I would be successful. If not, then I’ll keep trying further nevertheless.

Promises are meant to be broken but resolutions? Isn’t it something that one promises with oneself about one’s own improvement? If a person makes a resolution, he/she atleast tries to fulfil it. Any other ordinary day, this resolution would not mean much. It would be easily forgotten. But on a New Year’s Eve, this can be taken up earnestly by those who wish to improve themselves in their personal or professional careers during the upcoming months. Just give it a shot! Make a resolution for 2014 and try to fulfil it. Feel for yourself the satisfaction and confidence that you will gain by accomplishing it. Till then, have a happy new year! And happy New Year Resolutions!

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