Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Mother's Love

On 20th November 2013, Times of India published a report titled Behind every champ is a supermom on the front page of Delhi edition. It highlights the role played by moms in the lives of sports personalities. For example, Mary Kom claims that she wouldn’t have become India’s Olympic champion boxer had it not been for the sacrifices made by her mother. Every Indian heard Sachin Tendulkar giving a loving acknowledgement to his mother in an unforgettable farewell speech in his last test match. When I was listening to his speech on TV, my mother was sitting beside me and having tears in her eyes. She was sad for Sachin’s retirement but at the same time proud of his achievements.  And I was proud of my mother.

My mother’s life was quite different when she wasn’t married. She was an only child and quite close to her father. When she got married, her priorities changed. My father being constantly on the move with different civil engineering projects in India, my mother took up the responsibilities of managing home and looking after her children singlehandedly. There were times when dad used to be away for weeks. My mother was left to deal with life of a housewife on her own. She dropped us at schools and tuitions everyday till we entered secondary school. When she went to markets for buying vegetables, she gave us strict instructions to behave ourselves and left a caring neighbour to look after us. But she used to return quickly and bring our favourite chocolates along with her. Even when she wasn’t well, our lunch and dinner was always cooked on time. My mother never missed any of the parent-teacher meets throughout our school career. She taught us the importance of studies and good manners. When my brother and I got into a physical fight, my mother made sure we didn’t land up in bad bruises. 

She didn’t sleep at night if my brother had high fever or I suffered from stomach cramps. The very next morning, she took us to our family doctor and bought medicines. Every weekend, she took us to long walks on the sea-shores of Arabian Sea. When it came to food habits, she never drank cow’s milk but made sure we drank it every day and took a spoonful of chyawanprashalong with it. I liked cheese a lot. Others warned her about the alarming rate at which I was fattening up. But she always bought my favourite cheese from a milk shop. During my board exams, I had the habit of waking up at 2 am and revising for a subject. My mother too woke up, made coffee for me and slept on a sofa in the living room because I feared to study alone in the middle of night.

When we grew up and started to live on our own in hostels and rented flats away from her, her heart was split in two. One was with her son, 783 kms away from her. The other went away with me, to Mysore and later to Chandigarh. So far she was but yet always seemed near. She called and we talked on mobiles and never felt that we were away from her. The only time when we genuinely felt the loss was when we started missing her home-cooked food. I especially missed my mother’s dosas and idlis.  

Currently, my mother is my best friend. Throughout my life, I have seen my ups and downs. My mother has always stood by my side, seen and felt my feelings. We have fought and had our own arguments. Sometimes we differ in our opinions. There have been times when I have not talked with my mother after having fresh round of angry arguments. But she knows how to handle me next! She continues to be my best companion and most faithful guide. If there is one person on Earth for whose well-being I pray to God always and for whom I can fight with the whole world, it’s my mother. I don’t allow anyone to disrespect my mother. Not even my dad and my brother. Hurt her in anyway in front of me and God itself won’t be able to save you from my wrath. She knows me best and knows how to handle my unpredictable moods. We discuss openly about anything we want. Last weekend she asked me if I ‘like’ anybody in my office from the opposite gender. We were discussing on this interesting topic and stopped only when my father entered in the kitchen. :)

My mother did so much for me. And continues to do so. She made so many sacrifices in life just for us. But she never demanded anything in return. She just wants me and my brother to succeed in our careers and become independent. I am thankful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful mother. My supermom. My angel.   

Love you Maa. :)

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