Sunday, November 03, 2013

Experiencing 4D or 5D in India is a waste of money!!

The first time ever I saw the special effects of 5D was in a Hollywood picture titled Bean: The Movie. The comedy that surrounds the whole plot centers on the painting of Whistler’s mother. In the movie, Mr. Bean along with his companion enters a room that showcases a short film of about 10-15 minutes in 5D.  The screen shows a roller coaster ride. Accordingly the chairs in the room move too, so that the audience get a feeling that they are actually sitting on a roller coaster. Not finding it any amusing, Mr. Bean fixes some wires of the main electronic machine that controls the whole set-up. He sits for the second time in the room, now highly excited. When the movie starts, it turns out to be pandemonium. Seats rotate nearly 360 degrees, bringing people down on the floor. Many yell and panic, screaming at the top of their lungs at those uncontrollable moving chairs. One person falls on the enjoying Mr. Bean. He pushes him roughly and that poor guy just crashes on the floor. 

I had this particular scene in my mind when I entered a mall with my friends this weekend. None of us had seen a 5D movie before. I reached the counter and enquired about it. The man behind the reception desk looked up and explained to us about the difference between a 4D and 5D movie. Though both cost Rs. 150, it was mostly about the differences between the special effects that is felt. For example, there would be chair movement, wind blowing and water spraying in 4D. But there would be extra special effects in 5D like lightening. We were not so bothered about these as much as about the horror part of a movie. Actually, there were many genres of 4D and 5D movies being shown there. Some were pure entertainers while the rest was comedy. We wanted to watch a horror. On enquiry, we were advised to watch between Dracula in 4D and Hell House in 5D. Both guaranteed to be scary and pure horror, the man behind the reception desk announced. As we were in a dilemma, we went for a toss. If it was heads, we decided to go for Dracula. If tails, then time for Hell House!

It was heads.

When we entered the room, it was completely deserted. Considering that it was 8.30 pm, I had considered at least many enthusiastic youngsters to join us. But it was only me and my other four friends who were the only audience. There was absolutely no one else and the room was quite dark. The mysterious seats were high. We sat on it and tightened our seat-belts. The movie started.

First it was the cartoon of a Dracula that was shown. When some flying bats appeared on screen along with a vampire, something fluttered from below our seats that touched our legs. We let out a scream. It was totally unexpected! Next when the so-called horrifying vampire opened his mouth and bellowed white smoke and spit, water from the front seats suddenly sprinkled in huge amounts on us, drenching the front of our dresses.

Next was a tunnel ride where men with swords were ready to deal with us at the end. The seats started moving. I feared for my hand-bag the most. It got out of the hold of my hand a couple of times. When the seat threatened to drop us on the ground, we were held on to it only by those tight seat-belts. But my poor handbag! I held on to it as tightly as I could. There was a rumor that a man in reality would come out from behind our seats to scare us. But no one emerged.

The whole film ended without us realizing about it. We were still seated on our seats, thinking that some next short true horror movie would start soon. But only a guard came and opened the main exit, signaling to us that it was time to leave. 

We gaped at each other like nutters. After all, there was nothing horror in it. None at all. Special effects be damned. We were not kids to get any entertainment out of just swaying chairs and water spraying. We had come out there to see and feel some real scary scenes. What is horror by the way? Isn’t it where you become silent with expectation, your pulse-rate quickens with anxiety and you scream when a bloody body with no head pops out of a dark corner? But nothing like that happened here. We came out within 15 minutes with not a bit of satisfaction. Our Rs. 150 turned out to be a complete waste. In that money, I could have happily eaten three meals at food-court instead. 

So from next time onwards, I have decided only to rely on 3D. I am done with 4D and 5D for this birth atleast. Enough for a lifetime.

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