Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Latest Talks!

I and my friend went to a vegetable stall yesterday evening. We were sorting out good tomatoes out of the bad ones when an infoscion came forward straight towards the vendor. He critically looked at the different vegetables on display, picked up an onion and called out, 

“How much is Onion today?”

“Rs. 80 per kg!” the vendor shot back.

Utterly bewildered, he looked at the vendor and then at the sky. He sighed and let the onion fall back in the sack from his hand. 

My friend and I looked at each other. We did a little discussion. Ok, we will put one onion in the vegetable curry that we’ll prepare for our tiffin tomorrow. Then in dinner again only one onion will do. And now for tonight, one onion is sufficient as well…..

We picked up three very, very small onions and dropped them all in the weighing scale.

“Rs. 15madams!” the vendor barked.

Wow, each onion of Rs. 5!It’s time to start maintaining piggy banks that would collect 5 rupee coins only from now onwards.

A group of middle aged women, collecting good looking muddy potatoes from a nearby sack, looked up at the vendor in disgust and loudly started speaking to each other.

“Husband’s salary doesn’t increase but these prices increase like rocket speed!”

“True! Tomorrow we might have to open a new bank account for saving these costly onions! 

A bike came zooming fast in between the potholes on the road and stopped in front of the stall. Two young men got down and approached a small wooden box that contained some apples and bananas for sale. One of them picked up an apple and glared at his companion.

“This is the last time Tendulkar will be playing in the T20! Mumbai Indians have got to win this match at any cost!”

“Ok baba, relax! They will win it of course. They have got Sachin after all! And so the Royals don’t stand a chance!”

“But look at their statistics so far! Whenever any important match happens, the Mumbai team bows down under pressure!” he stated it while biting his fingernails nervously. 

When we finished giving the vendor the required amount, we went towards our building. On the way, there is a park and some benches outside. On one of these benches sat 3 senior citizens talking animatedly to each other.

“That Asaram Bapu! Chee-chee-chee! God knows where the country is leading to……”

“Everybody wants to become PM nowadays! The hottest seat after KBC I think. I say forget that Rahul Gandhi or Modi. Let us go and nominate ourselves as PM. Premji! My vote will definitely go to you! You are our colony secretary and doing more work than that Akhilesh Yadav!”

“Heard of that Adarsh scam? Coming in news again! I say give death sentence to those bloody hypocrites as well….”

“My grandchild watches Big Boss! Even her mother! Both stay glued to television as if that Salman Khan is some god….when should I watch my news channels?”

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