Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grand Masti- A Mindless Attempt at Adult Comedy

Grand Masti directed by Indra Kumar is a sequel to 2004 movie Masti but is a sad and cheap attempt at adult comedy. This film is not only vulgar but also stoops so low that it makes the unsuspecting audience sitting in the theatre wonder as to what the director was thinking about while shooting such a hopeless, indecent and abysmal plot.  

One of the most irritating things about the movie is the way in which women have been reduced to mere body parts. The camera shamelessly zooms in on every private part disgustingly and men are portrayed as being round-the-clock horny beasts. The main trio- Aftab Shivdasni, Ritesh Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi, in order to spice up their assumed boring lives after getting married, grab the chance of a college re-union and hook up with the wife, sister and daughter of the college’s principal. 

The story is full of lame jokes and vulgar humor aka non-veg comedy. There are repeated jokes of food items that have an indirect link to some body parts. There are six actresses paired opposite three actors but not even one leaves an impression. Or all leave only bad impressions- wearing skimpy dresses, clad in bikinis and mindless acting. 

On top it all, this movie releases on the day when the decision on the rapists, involved in the case of a rape and murder of an innocent victim is declared. Pure concidence or a promotional strategy? This movie sends out a wrong signal and doesn’t respect women. It only focuses on how women are nothing but mere objects that can be exploited. 

If such kind of offensive films are released, what kind of reputation will the Bollywood have? And what examples are being set for other directors? 

This movie mocks common sense of the viewers. It’s a piece of trash that’s makes the audience stop sniggering from one time onwards and break their heads on the opposite seat for coming at all in the theatre to watch it. This film will make you feel uncomfortable if you watch it with your friends of the opposite gender. If you are going to watch it with your parents, chances are that you will come of the theatre in first 2 minutes. This movie is not entertaining but embarrassing. I don’t know what rating to give to this movie.

Seeing that there are no negative stars/points in sight worth for this film. 

So save your money and instead go and watch The Lunchbox, starring Irrfan Khan, released on 20th September, 2013 in India! A promising worth watch. The tagline of the movie poster is eye-catchy and caught my attention. Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never met?  

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