Friday, July 12, 2013

When the door bell ranged at midnight

It was midnight at the Mysore campus. The clock struck 1 am. I was sleeping in my room. My roommate had left a week ago. That was quite unfortunate. I hated being alone. The empty bed was scary a bit at night.     
Suddenly the door bell ranged. The loud sound woke me up in a nanosecond. I got up and stumbled like a dream-walker on the floor. I switched on the light and searched for my specks. It was stashed towards the telecom. I quickly put it on and looked at the mess in the room. 

The door bell ranged again. This time more loudly. I panicked. Could it be the house-keeper for inspection? But why the hell would she come at midnight? I rushed forward and collected the nearly dried clothes, lying on the sofa. Technically speaking, we were not supposed to wash clothes in the room. There was a paid laundry service for that. But why pay extra bucks when one could easily buy a Rin soap and do the job free of cost? 

I hid the clothes in my wardrobe. Then went to open the door.   

"Who is this?" I shouted.

No reply. The door bell ranged again. Now I was starting to get afraid. Why wasn't the outside person answering to my question? Who the hell could it be? I decided to open the door after a quick thinking. No man/criminal can pass the security guards stationed outside so easily. Infosys security is very well-known for their good work. But my mother's face flashed in my mind. The look on her face when she would know that I had openned the door to let a stranger in,changed my mind. 

I shouted again for some answer. Still no reply. Instead somebody started banging at the door angrily. That someone was clearly not liking my lateness. I thought of making a call to my friends but didn't. We had a scheduled test in the morning and I didn't want to ruin anybody's sleep. I finally decided to call the help desk and stretched my hands towards the telecom.

Suddenly I heard some voices. Some very impatient voices. I nearly flattened my ears at the door and listened hard. A female voice I could hear faintly. It was followed by some more girls speaking in a hushed tone. Feeling relieved, I opened the door. It was totally dark outside. A faint street light illuminated the floor. 

"Happy birthday!!!" Six girls shouted at me.

They sounded tried and sleepy. They had a huge white creamy cake with them. The only problem was that I didn't know them. Nor it was my birthday.

They stared hard at me for a few moments. Then a brave girl holding the large cake, turned towards her friends.

"What's her room number ?" She said frowning slightly.

"208..." a girl standing behind her replied and went searching few  steps forward towards the next room.

"Sorry! Wrong door..!!" a tall girl in the front apologised to me and rushed forward with the crowd towards the next room. 


  1. Ouch! Frightening mistake, huh? :D

  2. Haha! Nice one... something similar hapenned with me in hostel! Poor galzzz

  3. hahaha... dark night and d mistakes... u may curse them n yu hav d right for that :)

  4. a birthday wish .. that wasnt supposed to be :D Nice one !