Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Terrible 'Chalta Hai' of India

The other day I was watching a movie in a theatre. When the movie started, my seat was constantly getting kicked from behind. My over-whelming back seat neighbour couldn't control his feelings and legs when his macho hero came on-screen and that switched on his excitement button. After constant glaring back with no result, I finally got up and faced him. To which he became annoyed. I was coming in his line of vision when his favourite scene was going on. I complained to him about his behavior. To his right was seated his friend who apologized on his behalf. When I sat again, his friend started scolding him for his behaviour. At that moment, my anger was about to subside when I heard his irritating reply:

"Kya yaar, itna toh chalta hai...!"

I cringed. Not because of his reply. But because I was thinking on the same lines for the past few days.

Chalta hai attitude.

It roughly means that it’s ok if you break a rule and walk away. Because that’s what everybody does. Call it a coincidence, the next day I attended a session that discussed business etiquettes and effects of cultural diversity in India. There I came to know about one thing in the country which I had not thought about before. Nobody cares in India if a project deadline is nearing to an end. Because it will be extended for sure if none of the other teams have finished their bit. 

There are times when people take things for granted and don’t care about consequences of their actions. Or don’t bother to keep themselves in check. Who cares anyway? You throw a chocolate wrapper on road and no one will stop you. You write your name on Taj Mahal and make it eternal and long-lasting. You can make trains and buses as dirty as possible. You can spit on highways and get away with it. You can make parking areas your garbage dustbins.  No one will punish you. You misuse government property and nobody will care to tick you off. You can vote for any political party as your relative/ neighbor is doing. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. No need to know even which symbol stands for which party. What good will one vote do? Engineering and medical colleges are growing like crops in the country. Very good for the students. Even when it involves less learning and more marks. Learn like a parrot and write your exams. Get good marks and get that degree at any cost. Make those neighbors jealous and show the society that you are employed. There is no respect for an un-employed. It’s just wait-and-watch or suicide for these lot. Taking bribes in our country is becoming like accepting a chocolate. Scams and scandals are broadcasted on news channels like achievements of a school on a bulletin board.   

The terrible chalta hai attitude in India has led to harmful negligence and utter nonsense growing in our society. India is a developing country, we say proudly. But what about development of our 1300g brains? The ‘it’s OK, let’s move on’ attitude has led to havoc in the lives of so many. The recent shocking incident in Bihar where nearly 22 innocent kids died after consuming midday meals at school was because of usage of insecticide containers in the kitchen. A grave negligence on the part of school authorities. The scene could have been avoided had they taken necessary precautions in advance. Many road accidents in the country are reported to be cases of drunk-driving or hit and run cases. Usually people put on their seat belts only after seeing a traffic police nearby. If Bollywood superstars are involved in accidents, its chalta hai. They get away with it or a case is filed and dragged for years in courts. Women are tormented, tortured, harmed and abused. There is a sharp rise in the cases of acid throwing incidents. Generally people responsible behind these get away with it, become bolder and find next victim. Police and laws are plenty in the country. But it seems nobody is afraid of breaking rules nowadays. Chalta hai, everybody is breaking them anyway, why should one specifically care about it? Discipline be damned.  If he/she is not following it, why should I?

Such mindset of the people needs to change. God help only those who help themselves. So Allah and Rama can help us only if we become ready to help ourselves. We need to stop thinking like a narrow minded society. We need lots of improvement in ourselves. And a zeal to teach others to follow the right path. It starts right with us. We know our rights and duties. It’s high time we start using them responsibly and in a disciplined manner. Future generation will learn from our behavior. We must stop blindly following a crowd if it’s going in a wrong direction. If somebody tells us to do something, we must ask ourselves ‘why’. We must not look down and follow wrong advises and orders. What’s the point of educating ourselves if behave like illiterates? Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” But what is the problem with us then? Are we not educated enough to tell that this is good and that is bad? Do we not realize, what is right and what is wrong? So why this chalta hai?  

Will there be an end to it?


  1. agree completely with you...we need to change this attitude...

  2. Chalta hai is synonymous to the land of Snake charmers and Elephant owners .. I suppose! This Chalta hai started all good and it shows our tolerance .. adjustment.. adaptation we have done so much good that now even for bad things Chalta hai .. we spit chalta hai .. we eve-tease chalta hai .. we ignore eve teasing chalta hai ..
    Literacy is what in India ? the way u mentioned it is about mugging up stuff and throw up on teh answer sheet .. money talks .. in India and only money .. Chalta hai wont stop until we respect our motherland ...its time changes take place .. and it will start from moral teaching .. from the gurus since our childhood.. parents and our primary teachers .. they make us what we are going to develop as chal raha hai usey ek din mei nahi roka ja sakta .. time lagega .. and its the youth who need to understand .. now so that the future of the nation is not dependent on Chalta hai !! Nice post .. thought provoking it is !

  3. It is the suicidal or killing attitude I say and is mainly because of our poor self-esteem and ignorance. We just compromise on every thing... just wondering how much and how far!!

    Nice post.

  4. It is because of this chalta hai attitude that India is very tolerant. We are too lazy to attack anyone! :)

  5. Completely agree with you.The change can be done if it is first started from ground level.It will take time but not impossible.Some where everyone is possible for this attitude.

  6. I agree boss.....................