Friday, July 05, 2013


Dhanush has done it again! First he made the audience wonder why this kolaveri di and now he has made his Bollywood debut in a true Raanjhanaa style! I wonder how he manages to pull it off. Does he carry a magic wand with him?!

Raanjhanaa takes us to the city of Ganga Ghats-Varanasi. The famous city, also known as Banaras, has been shown as the home town of our beloved actor who has been named as Kundan Shankar. The scene showing how he falls in love with Zoya Haider (Sonam Kapoor) is mesmerizing and hilarious. They are both kids at that time! He tries his best skills to impress Zoya but gets tight slaps in return. But our hero, in a true Bollywood style, appreciates the touch of her skin on his cheeks even when they are just slaps. He dances, sings and climbs on tops of tall temples to catch a glimpse of her. He is helped by his best friend Murari whose role is played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyuti. A comical character that makes one laugh till the end. 

Zoya’s character is portrayed as a roller-coaster ride. She goes through a childhood crush and then meets the handsome Abhay Doel as Jasjeet in college. He rallies for his party and both fall in love. In the second half of the movie, every unexpected thing happens. Jasjeet dies succumbing to serious injuries for which Kundan is blamed. That happens quickly and the viewers are left pondering as to how come. Zoya becomes angry and detaches herself from Kundan’s world. But he is not the one to give up so easily. He reaches her college and joins the party she is rallying for as a chai-wallah. Eventually with his convincing skills, he wins over many hearts and earns the higher authority position in the party. Zoya is enraged and plots against him following the advice of a minister from an opposition party. Kundan gets injured and dies in the hospital. 

There are many punching lines in the movie followed by a strong script. Sonam adds to the charm and Dhanush yet delivers one of his best so far. The Times of India, dated 02-07-2013, carried an article titled ‘Abhay charged more, but Dhanush having the last laugh’.  The newspaper claims that Abhay Deol charged a bomb to act in the movie and Dhanush was paid a far lesser remuneration than A.R.Rahman and Abhay. Whatever may be the case, from now on, Dhanush has got his reasons to charge more. Being a Banaras ka launda from now on, this man gets what he wants and doesn’t rest till he achieves it. So watch out Bollywood, Khans and Kapoors included. A new rising superstar is on his way to grab the eyeballs:):)

I would rate this movie 4/5 and urge the readers to give it a try. It would be worth your money and time.


  1. Truly a classic movie... specially the once line used my Murari was the best part of movie...
    Now after a long time we moved back to the space of love when there was no FB, phone and skype...
    And our movies has also gone from NRI based to UP based in last few years... :)

  2. you seem to be a big Dhanush fan .. :)
    good read