Saturday, July 13, 2013

Journey so far...has it just begun?

Life is unpredictable. If anybody had asked me a year back, where I see myself in future, I couldn't have answered properly. This time in 2012, I was waiting for my offer letter to arrive soon at Chennai. Like so many fresh graduates in the country, I was eagerly looking forward to join some company that would give me a salary at the end of every month and thus mark me an employee. Kaam kuch bhi ho, hame toh sirf job chahiye tha.

My first job offer letter brought smiles all around. I packed my bags and landed at Mysore. I joined the race of so many other infoscions to finish one of the toughest known trainings in the country. Sometimes I succeeded while often I just cleared the tests through pure luck. At the Mysore campus, I didn't find any issues in sitting in front of the computer system all day and night. The only problem was not able to blog! No Facebook and no Twitter. It's very hard to let go of your continuous blogging if suddenly forced to. Social networking websites are restricted in the campus. But I had no other choice left. Anyway, the amount of tests every week itself meant I had no time to think of blogging for a while- 7 months to be precise. The only opportunity I got was when I had visited home once during the whole training period. The tight schedule had forced me to reach Delhi on Friday and be back to Mysore by Monday. A roller-coaster ride that was. Not to mention expensive. 

In the seventh month, it was time for the posting. I had mentally prayed to every god in advance and promised to visit temples if I got my desired preference. And luckily I did. Chandigarh! The closest to Delhi I could get. The new city had a strange experience in store for me. Dealing with landlords. I became an expert in conversing with such land owners and convincing them to give their 2BHK flat to me and my roommates as tenants. That was a mess. I was bombarded with words like security deposit and rent agreements that I had never been bothered with before. I have lived in rented flats before but my dad had handled everything. Coming to the new city, I decided to do things myself. And finally came to the conclusion that that it would be better if we just buy a flat. Hunting for a rented flat is not only tiring but downright irritating. I could write a new blog on that tiring experience, which I will in future. Imagine, I had to shift to two new flats in just a single week. 

After a month of living in the city, I have been allocated a project for which right now I have arrived at Mangalore last Monday. Or I should say that I have come to top of some mountains! I open the window of my room and see the tip of mountains touching the rainy clouds in the sky. It's so marvellous. The climate is always cool and it rains here once every fifteen minutes. Rain boots and an umbrella are my best friends here. I enjoy coconut water and Fresh fruit juices here. Once my friend dared me to taste a fish in a food-court. I did and liked a small bite of the flesh but restricted myself to further temptation. I had some doubt over my digestive system and its vegetarianism. The climate makes me feel lazy and I wish sometimes that I could catch a cab and go down to a beach to enjoy the nature everyday. But alas! I cannot do as my heart tells me to do. I am on an official purpose here. So I am eagerly looking forward to weekends:):)

I am keeping my fingers crossed and wish to have an adventure soon that involves mountains, rains and fogs. I don't mind the break-neck speed riding buses. As long as it doesn't drop down in valleys or get lost in fogs, I am ready to board it and go on a never-ending journey!

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  1. Mangalore is really a nice place and very close to Goa..Though, I never been there, but have some good friends at the Airport..Hope you will enjoy your time there.