Sunday, June 09, 2013

Gorakhpur University

This is the place which has never changed and never will. I visit Gorakhpur once every year and get loads of opportunities  to go for a walk in this university. The local people call it 'inversty' in their accent. My diabetic grandfather walks here everyday.And so do a lot of other people. These other people include senior citizens,children and students. Citizens of all age groups can be seen walking or jogging in the morning and evening. The university is surrounded by trees on all sides. There is a big ground in the center which is the favorite spot among youngsters. All anyone has to do is go for a walk there and enjoy the nature!

The main gate of the university

Chilling at the ground

One of the oldest constructions

Feeling thirsty? This will provide water free of cost.

A water tank inside the university close to a small settlement area

Some monkeys spotted

A Gurudwara outside the university

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Shaadi Mubaarak!!

Have you ever applied for a leave of 2 weeks straight on your first day of a new job? I did. It looked odd and unprofessional but I had no choice. I hate that kind of thing. But people dont rely on other's schedule while fixing dates of their marraiges, do they?

I had just got posted to a new place and my mum announced the inevitable. Two of my relatives were getting married. Straight back-to-back. And I had to attend it. So feeling a lot helpless, I approached my manager with a sinking heart. But he granted me permission in next second. Lucky me.

The paan stall and I didn't try it.

The Kalash

Jaimaal time
Don't confuse him for a bride-groom...he is my brother and single

My cute cousin...lost and found during the marriage

She talks faster than a shataabdi

Guess who is this...