Thursday, October 04, 2012

"If Yuvi Can, You Can"

The shocking exit of India from the ICC T-20 world cup has disappointed fans all over the country. Inspite of winning against England, Pakistan and South Africa, we couldn't get the ticket to the semi finals. How fair is that? Cricket is an unpredictable game of numbers and points indeed. Even after playing well, when India loses, pain shots through several hearts. An outburst of anger is guaranteed from every Indian Cricket fans that are madly in love with the game and most importantly, the cricketers.

But there is good news for the fans to start celebrating. India’s prince is back with a bang. Facing a long battle with cancer, it is not easy for any sportsperson to regain his\her form. But the prince of Punjab aka Yuvraj Singh has not only won the battle against cancer but also has performed much better than expected on the field, thus silencing his critics forever. He practiced hard to be what he is today post cancer. He fielded well on the ground. He got some quick and important wickets that led to the pressure on the opponents. He looked fit and ever energetic. His brilliant performance earned him the Man of the Match award against the Proteas. He has dedicated it to his mother and all the cancer patients. What a gentleman!

What is it about Yuvraj, which lets him to be everyone’s favourite? The Indian media likes their Yuvi a lot. They would interview him any day rather than our prime minister, no doubt! He is full of glamour, style and Bollywood adores him. It is his aggressive cricketing abilities or maybe dashing charisma off the ground, but something about him is attractive to girls. Every Indian mother would love to have a Yuvi like son. Or Yuvi himself! If he gets into any controversy, it comes and goes in the news channels. Viewers like to gobble it all up. Any fresh news about him becomes breaking news overnight. Indian media just cannot leave him alone. Or Indians love to watch him on TV every time. Be it on the cricket field or an interview. He is the show-stopper of Indian Cricket. And our country’s greatest pride. When he doesn't play well, we criticize him immensely. When he hits every ball in an over for a six, even a threat of gun-fire wouldn't stop a Yuvi fan from dancing and jumping jubilantly. This is the limit of attachment that India has for its Cricket heartthrob.

Now that Yuvi is back in his form, he is sure to achieve many more milestones in future. His hunger for runs and delight in playing on the field has made him everyone’s favourite. Post cancer, he is ready to thunder once again and show his opponents not to take him lightly. It’s just what India is waiting for.

Welcome back, Yuvi!               


  1. hmmm...yes u r rite if yuvi can do it then even we have no reason to wallow in self-pity and curse our lucks...everyone can bounce back in life...thnks for the subtle yet prominent message to live life positively!

    1. Yes, you have inferred correctly. Yuvi sent out a strong message to the public fighting cancer and other life-threatening situations. "If Yuvi can, then you can" are Yuvi's own words. It was in the TOI. He has come back well and hearty after a long struggle against cancer. He has performed better than expected, giving a ray of hope to so many other patients who are suffering from cancer.

      Thank you for reading the post, Shilpi.

      But I am curios to know. Who is your favourite cricketer?

  2. Haha ... are you serious?

    If Yuvi can, you can?

    I hope life will teach you more since you read widely ... :)

    May I offer a few counter thoughts?

    1) Yuvi is a cheap street thug like millions of other Indians out there.

    2) Cricketers are pretty useless members of society.

    3) No, he did not fight a 'long struggle against cancer' as you put it. Cancer is remorseless. Two of my aunts have got two different cancers. They constitute the Mango People of India if not belonging to the BPL part of Indian society. They survive to this day thanks to the miracles of modern medical science -- imatinib for CML and surgery. Steve Jobs didn't survive his PNET.

    If you wish to read an article by Siddhartha Mukherjee about that ...

    Christopher Hitchens, my numero uno writer hero -- No. 1 human hero and idol really -- too died from esophageal cancer.

    Please do not confuse minor cases of pre-cancerous growths that get diagnosed early because cricketers in this country get too much money, attention, and medical facilities and serious forms of cancer which nobody -- NOBODY -- survives.

    Lastly, I think of Ted Kennedy and his glioblastoma. Nobody -- NOBODY -- survives that either.

    Think of Rajesh Khanna -- which is not to say that I'm hero-worshiping Bollywood types or anything. Unfortunately, we in India are ok with the secretiveness of public personalities and hence have little information about what killed Rajesh Khanna. I believe it was cancer but WHAT cancer -- since there are hundreds of them.

    Oh well ... *sigh*

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic.