Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mamata, Modi and the Diet

India is a democratic country. People have the right to speak and put forward their views. And who understands this better than our own dear politicians?  Never mind what they speak about nowadays. Else you may develop some second thoughts about your diet plans! Forget exercises, gyms and training centers. Don’t switch on the Aastha channel on your TV at 5am for yoga sessions.  Our politicians don’t want us to attain that size-zero figure. Nor do they want us to rely only on salads and fruits. They want us to eat, eat and eat till we resemble giant killer whales!

None other than the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, has come out with the real reason for malnutrition in the state. Something that has never been taught in schools so far. We didn’t know it till date. Perhaps he invented it himself. Anyway he claims that the dietary issue among the women is the main culprit. Sounds bizarre? No problem with that except that girls on a strict diet are now sure to come under the malnutrition list (or are already?). Is this the only reason Modi could come up with while answering about one of the important issues in the state-Malnutrition? Are all girls from poverty stricken families on a regular diet? Before giving such a statement, the minister should have done his homework and check with health department of the state.

Didi has dealt with the diet factor on a different note altogether-Dengue in West Bengal.  Mosquitoes bite you? No problem. You don’t have mosquito nets and coils? Still no problem. All you have to do is drink plenty of water. Eat spicy and oily food. Those are sure to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Don’t know how but as per the CM, one should stop dieting to prevent dengue. So next time at dinner, if you are surrounded by mosquitoes, don’t shoo them away. Just relax and eat your food. The mosquitoes might remember Mamata’s words, pity you and go away!

Instead of being responsible, trust politicians to try diverting the main issue by giving different statements which has no relevance to the main topic whatsoever. And this happens only in India!      



  1. haha good one. Completely agree. These politicians are eating the country away


  2. all are foolish excuses to avoid real problems.