Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life lessons from a Butterfly!!

Life can present tough times when we have to face difficulties all alone. You feel friendless and helpless. Pressure starts building up which is too much for you to overcome. You cease to smile during troubled days of your life. Even if it’s a small challenge, you may feel it to be too big for you to achieve. The harshness of life can possess you and unless you fight, you may lose your confidence and self-respect. You feel like being trapped with no where to go. Suddenly big achievements start looking impossible. You may feel like a loser and a complete failure.

A student is always pressured to perform better and improve his marks compare to his classmates. A team leader has the ultimate burden of keeping a straight face even when the deadline of a project is near and delivering right orders to his team-mates all the time. If the project fails, the team leader is the first one to blame. A housewife is supposed to keep her husband, children, in-laws happy and satisfied at all cost. A common man joins in the race to catch the already over-crowded local train just to reach his workplace in time. Time is precious, right? And there are thousands of such examples where people have to face situations head-on and by themselves.

Whenever I find myself in such a situation, a poem flashes in my mind. Yes, you read right. A poem! I came across it when I was in class tenth. English subject was my favourite and I solved many unseen poems and passages. My English teacher used to give me lots of such books to solve in between classes. Somewhere there, I had a fortunate moment of coming across William Henry Davies poems. This poem was in our syllabus and quite a popular one too. These are the following lines of the poem which are still etched in my memory:

                                          Here’s an example from
A Butterfly;
         That on a rough, hard rock
Happy can lie;
                                         Friendless and all alone
                   On this unsweetened stone.
                                         Now let my bed be hard,
 No care take I;
                                        I’ll make my joy like this
                                             Small Butterfly;
                                       Whose happy heart has power
               To make a stone a flower.
           -William Henry Davies

The moral of the poem is a very simple one to all our problems. It tells us about a small butterfly that imagines a stone to be a flower despite its roughness and hardness.  The lonely butterfly does not mind the hard stone. Instead it sits on it quite cheerfully. Just like that, our lives can be tough and difficult to live in. But we should face it boldly and solve our problems with a smile and get a move on. We must try to overcome difficulties and not get scared from them. Life can be cheerful and happy if we think like that. Thoughts regarding failures will lead us no-where. And even if we fail, we must not give up. We should try getting up and face the world again. Failures are just a stepping stone to success. So put your hand on your heart, say Aal Izz Well and move on with life with a sweet smile on your face :)


  1. yup very true!!!there is so much we can learn from all the living as well as non-living creatures on this planet..We shud always have this "never say die" attitude in life...
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  2. Thank you for reading the post. I went through your interesting blog and liked the way you convey your opinions. Do keep blogging because I am eagerly following your new blog now!!

    1. thnks a lot snehal!! do kp in touch!n hey do post ur valuable comments on my blog too!!u r frm chennai??I m living in coimbatore..

  3. Loved the optimism in the post . It reminds me of the line "like a butterfly live in the moment and not in days"