Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Sweet World

Here is a confession. I am a huge fan of the Indian sweets. I can live without water and food but not without a Jalebi!  My favourite one is Barfi aka Kaju Katli. Kudos to the man who invented it! If Barfis, Jalebis, Rasgullas and Gulab Jamuns were not on Earth, I don’t know how I would have survived!

For the first time when I tasted Kaju Barfi in my life, I was just 3 years old. I lived in Wardha with my parents. My father went to Nagpur occasionally for his office work. When he returned, he brought a box full of Barfi every time only for me. I liked it so much that I would wake up in the middle of night to eat it. Not afraid of the dark, I would wake and get down from the bed. Then I would wake up my father silently. Being a light sleeper, he would get up immediately. He would take me in his arms and walk towards the kitchen. He would open the refrigerator and take out the box. I would slid down from his arms happily, sit on the floor and start eating the delicious Barfi straight away. The world would be deep in sleep but I was busy attacking Barfis! This became one of my habits which my mother put an end to afterwards.

When I started going to school, my grandparents came once every six months from my hometown. They travelled in a train which stopped at Orai station in Uttar Pradesh for few minutes. It was famous for its tasty Gulab jamuns which were kept in large round clay pots.  My grandpa used to get down from the train and buy the Gulab jamuns for me. He took extra care of it during the rest of the train journey. The sight of a clay pot in my grandpa’s hand made me always delighted. I knew what was inside! Those Gulab jamuns used to be big in size and too delicious for words. I took it sometimes in my Tiffin box to share it with my friends.

Every summer vacation, I went to my hometown. The area where I stayed was equipped with various sweet shops. I got acquainted with Luang Lata in one of my favourite shops. It was very sweet in taste and often sticky.  I used to eat it every evening when it was freshly made. The taste of Laung Lata was so good that I would take sometimes a parcel of it and carry in my return journey. Another sweet dish was Jalebi served with curd. Enough to make one’s mouth water. The shopkeeper made it live so that we could get it fresh and hot. I would stand in long queues just to get the Jalebi and watching it being prepared was another fascination.  Next was Rasgullas. The white circular sweet was famous in my family and still remains.    

As time went by, I grew up in another city-Alibag. My apartment was close to one of the best sweet shops which sold not only wada-pav but also Lauki ka halwa. When my tuition classes would get over, I would ride my bicycle and peddle faster to get to the shop. I brought halwa always from there to eat at home. Meanwhile my neighbor used to buy Rasmalai which once landed in my house during Diwali. A festival most sought after by me because of the sweets being shared between neighbors. But I always looked forward to Rasmalai, the yellow ones. At times, I got to eat  white ones which never could be compared with the softness and yummy taste of the yellow Rasmalai!     

When I started going to college, I realized the importance of exercises, yoga and diet. Being an average looking girl  and physically fit, I was lucky enough to not get influenced by any extra diet plans. Even after having a sweet tooth, I never put on much weight. Thank god for that. So, I was lucky enough to try Doodhpeda. Once, my father’s colleague had brought it with them. I liked it so much that from that day on, it was always available in my fridge. There was not a single day when there was not any Doodhpeda at home. My father ate it before going to his office and I ate it, well, anytime! In one of the personality development sessions that I attended, I asked the main anchor that what my ‘addictions’ to sweets signifies. He replied that it meant that I cannot resist temptation!!

And what’s more, as I am typing this post, my mother is in the kitchen and I can smell the sweet kheer in the air……...



  1. Difficult to read when water drips from your mouth :) ... Well! I have spent a few in Kolkata so you can understand my obsession with sweets ... Absolutely fantastic post ....

  2. Reading your this post reminds me of shops which were favorite for "Barfi", "Gulab Jamun" and "Jalebi" ...
    Recently I had awesome "Jalebi" in one of bangalore;s had the same effect as your post :)

  3. Your post took me back some four n a half decades; I remember our train (Pathankot Mail) stopping at Orai and those marvelous gulab jamuns!
    Nice blog