Sunday, September 02, 2012

At the Ganga Ghats

I had a most wonderful opportunity of visiting Varanasi. I decided to share my experience at the Ganga ghats and penned down an article which was published in The Hindu at

After the article was published, my inbox was flooded with requests to post the photographs as well. So here they are! Have a happy viewing!

One of the entries at the Ganga ghat which I reached by following the crowd

The river Ganga at its best

There were many boats lined up for the devotees and travelers for a ride across  the Ganga ghats
You can opt for a shared boat or a private one

My boatman turned out to be an excellent guide & shared history behind formation of the ghats we passed 
Ganga was calm and we had a very peaceful ride across it

Different ghats joined together one by one 

The Munshi ghat

The water was clean and cool. I collected some in my hand and it was crystal clear

Buffaloes enjoying a refreshing bath 

Many were lighting oil diyas and placing it in the river. I joined them

Several diyas were floating in a single queue when I saw them back from the boat

The enchanting evening at the ghats. 

When the priests started the evening aarti

Two priests holding bigger oil lamps

One of the priests I could get a closer picture of from where I was sitting

All the priests coming forward to sing the evening prayer at the ghat


  1. You have captured the best part of Ganga Ghats... Next time try Sangam in Allahabad, It will not be as crowded as this but you will feel the "Sangam" of Ganga and Jamuna.. :)

    1. Sure I will. Thank you for dropping by!!!

  2. A very nice post and brought back memories of the lovely place!

    1. The Ganga Ghat is truly a memorable place.
      Thank you for reading the post!