Monday, August 20, 2012

Ek Thi Tigress

I entered Mayajaal in a hurried manner. I was late for Ek Tha Tiger. Blame it on the toll tax! I encountered two of them on the highway while coming towards the multiplex. The traffic that they had created made me late for the favourite blockbuster of the month. The movie that had made an all new record for the gross opening in India.

I went to the ticket counter, collected the Rs. 150/- ticket and entered in screen 7, hoping against hope that the movie would be worth it all. I had a first class ticket and could see the screen well. My fellow neighbours consisted of every type-family, students, kids and old folks. After all it’s a Salman Khan movie. Who doesn’t want to see it?

The movie turned out to be, there are no other words to describe it: super cool. Action, romance, energy, dance-all in one. Salman aka Tiger is a RAW agent while Katrina is named Zoya, an ISI. We are not shown the story behind Zoya’s training in Pakistan. Instead the career of the Tiger has been shown in bits. The romantic scenes in the movie have been made seriously more romantic by the chemistry between Tiger and Zoya. Better than off-screen, anyway.

To be honest, I liked Zoya more than the Tiger. She is the ultimate package of elegance and beauty in the movie. What’s more, the ladies in the theatre couldn’t stop gushing about her dress, fitness, dance etc. After the interval, Zoya’s action scenes earned some whistling from the boys sitting three rows before me. Audience was left gaping at her jumping off buildings and dodging agents.

At the end of the movie, we were ready to go. People were stiff from sitting so long. They were stretching themselves, when mashallah-mashallah song started. I sat down and so did many others. The pair’s dance steps left the audience glued to their seats.  When the song finally ended, a man excitedly said to his neighbour, “the best song in the film! Why did they have to put it in the last?” I couldn’t agree more. I walked out of the theatre with only the image of Katrina in my mind. Salman has definitely proved to be the Tiger but Katrina has proved much more. That she could be the Tigress!

Eid Mubarak everyone!!



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  1. i agree, i havent seen katrina do anything more than show some legs and speak dirty hindi. but the action scenes she did (or got a body double to do it maybe) really refreshed her image for me.
    waiting to see her doing more than just make up :)