Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delicious Khau Galli at your service!!

The first time I heard about Khau Galli was in the movie Ghajini. Asin calls up Aamir and recites the address which is then passed on to a foreigner for noting down. But the poor fellow couldn’t spell it properly. Well, I couldn’t blame him anyway.

Years later, I got an opportunity to visit the place myself along with my cousins. What an experience! We arrived at the place at 9pm. The road was a narrow and long one. People were jostling and moving through. There were food stalls everywhere. When I say everywhere means literally everywhere. They were on both sides of the road, beside trees, near the parking area….omnipresent! Seeing the entire crowd surrounding the stalls, I felt suddenly hungry. My cousins dragged us all to the nearest famous dosa centre. It made all kinds of dosas I had never tasted before. Jinni dosa, Chinese dosa, Manchurian dosa was famous among the crowd. Though it was not a five-star hotel, the service was good enough. You have to place your order and within the next 7 mins, your order is made in front of you live. You can either sit on a clean dry area or stand on a side and finish your meal.  I ordered jinni dosa and it was so big in size that I had to share it with 3 others to finish it. All came at a reasonable prize. My mami tells me that every night; the area is packed with foreigners and Punjabis.

Going further in, I came across a small Frankie stall that was hard to see because it was surrounded by people from all sides. After much pushing and excuse me’s we reached close enough to place our order. The menu card showed that it made atleast 15 kinds of Frankie. Paneer Frankie was its most sought after. Later it was time for some ice. After a lot of walking, we came across the right place. But it not only made kulfis and ice-creams but also golas. We ordered some kala-khatta and orange gola.  It was tasty and ice-cold! Unlike served in glasses where gola is placed around a stick and dipped in a glass filled with coloured liquids.  It was different here. The kala- khatta was placed in a round dish and we had to tuck in with a spoon. We enjoyed it till our tongues changed its colour.

At the end of our eating spree, we came across a juice-seller. Yeah I know….after all the dosas, frankies and golas…a glass of watermelon juice it too much to ask for. But we ran for it. And my brothers instead went to a nearby bakery to feast on some sandwiches. The juice- seller was quite humble and allowed us to pose for some photos while he waited patiently to finish our drinks! And after that we continued our walking till we reached the end of Khau Galli. Looking back I could still smell that delicious dosa and sambhar mixed in the air by the blowing wind. I turned and looked at my watch. It was past midnight. But the crowd was just starting to come and eat more! 



  1. Where is this Khau Galli?
    I love eating in Khau Gallis too.

    1. It's the one at Andheri in Mumbai