Sunday, February 05, 2012

If Bollywood comes into politics!

Election campaigns have started in the country. No stone is being left unturned to woo the voters. The latest flick is from Uttar Pradesh. There are so many party leaders coming up with different ideas and opinions. Currently, Advani has played the trump card of Ayodhya at Faizabad. Rahul Gandhi has claimed that his party won’t ally with “thieves and goondas.” Wow, interesting choice of words. Who writes these lines anyway? I want to meet those back-stage speech writers so that I can too improve my presentation skills.But people, I am thirsty for some creativity here.

If the world doesn’t come to an end by December, I would like to see some new faces in these campaigns. How about our most-loved Bollywood actors? If all the Khans of the industry decide to contest in the elections, how will their party symbol look like? Perhaps a shirtless Salman Khan or a kissing Hrithik Roshan. Or a symbol of angry-looking Ranbir Kapoor with his guitar. Or a Ra.One looking Shahrukh Khan (though I am not sure that this will attract voters). But the votes of kids is guaranteed if they are allowed to vote. Even the actresses can do a wonderful job here for their respective parties. The symbols of Sheila and Munni will be enough to attract young voters, especially men. Even a Chikni Chameli will be more than fine. All the villains out there can prove to be helpful in attracting votes of the population too. So, a Sanjay Dutt aka Kancha from Agneepath could finally win few Mandwa seats. Now coming to party logos, how about a party named as “Sadda Haq-Ethe Rakh” or a “Tu meri Chammak-Challo”? The number of voters turning up for such party campaigns could break all the previous records. These could prove to be an asset at the box-office.

What promises will they make? Katrina Kaif could start right off because she has already done Raajneeti. Vidya Balan could promise to provide lots of entertainment with that blink of an eye. Or perhaps a more dirtier picture. Kareena Kapoor could promise not to marry Saif Ali Khan, making all her male voters to heave a sigh of relief. Farah Khan could promise not to make a remake of Tees Maar Khan.Had enough of that. John Abraham could promise to remain single for the rest of his life to attract female voters. Ekta Kapoor could provide free television sets in all villages to provide non-stop coverage of Saas-Bahoo serials. All the village women would be too happy for words. Abhishek Bachchan could promise to bring his Beti B live in the media.

And finally, if nothing else works, then  a logo of “Tum Hame Vote Do, Hum Tumhe Role Denge”, can work wonders in the voter’s mindsets.Because, who doesn't want to work in a film anyway?