Friday, July 01, 2011

Alibaug and Friends

EVER wondered going to a place where you are surrounded by sea waves slashing against your legs in a pleasing manner and nobody disturbs you? When you look around, you find peace and solace? Greenery and humble people around you? If yes, then you must have come up with some places to go to at present or future. Maybe Goa or Kerala. These places are famous for their awesome beaches.......But there is a small place in the state of Maharashtra where you will find not only beautiful scenery and peace but also that simple and comfortable life that you always wanted to live.

Alibaug is a coastal town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. It has Arabian sea towards its one end. The famous Kolaba fort is situated near the sea shore.The town's name also has some history. There was a man named 'Ali' who had a magnificent garden in Alibaug. People started calling it 'Ali chi baag' which is a Marathi translation of Ali's garden. In due course the town was named Alibaug after the famous Ali's garden. This town is an approximate four hour journey from Mumbai via road transport.If you want to get a real time experience,visit Alibaug by bus-you will have a thrilling ride.And you don't find railway here. No tracks!!!!!

This is a picture of the mud prints made by the waves of the Arabian sea on the shore. And if you walk on them, you will get your own foot-prints!!!

People like mostly to write something on them and later see water spreading on it and erasing the stuff........time for writing once again kids!!!!!

The evening scene of the beach is another marvelous view. Also there's fun in riding on the horse cart.

I lived in this town for nearly 11 years. The place is equipped with all the things you want to shop for. A very nice time for ladies of course. Nice restaurants and hotels.Huge sales along the beach front every year. In the month of December you find a grand fair. I used to go their along with my good friends and their parents every year. My mother with aunties on one side and we kids(me,sachin, jyotish ,priya, roshan ) on the other side. And fortunately we never got lost in the crowd (yet). I had an awesome time with friends here. Sachin has always been as frank as ever and here I am not talking about Sachin Tendulkar; but I am talking about my good friend Sachin Singh. He never complains about anything-no grumbling and no tricks. I learned cycling through a number of practice sessions with his cycle. And today I want to learn to ride bikes. Huumm....... Are you reading this sachin??
Jyotish is another witty and humble guy. He has an enormous garden and we had all played in his huge house a lot of times. The only place where I used to eat delicious sambhar and chutney  with dosas made by his mum.

So now guys, what say?? Lets go to the school again,cross the playground and chase the Arabian tides .ok???